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The <em>Biology</em> Environmental <em>Science</em> Trust (BEST) Undergraduate ... Source: www.biology.utah.edu
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Short Description: The Biology Undergraduate Scholarship Committee. announces this year’s competition for awards from the. The Biology Environmental Science Trust (BEST) ...

Content Inside: The Biology Undergraduate Scholarship Committee announces this year's competition for awards from the The Biology Environmental Science Trust (BEST) Undergraduate Research Scholarship (2 awards to be made by mid-to-late March) Student applications are solicited for the annual competition for the BEST Undergraduate Research Scholarships. These annual scholarships are intended to provide an in-depth, hands-on research experience for undergraduate students working on projects in environmental biology and ecology (including field and laboratory studies, modeling, and molecular and chemical ecology). Applicants must work with a Biology faculty mentor, but some degree of independence in project development and completion will count in the applicant's favor. Field work may take place nationally or internationally; all travel will require signing the University of Utah=s Waiver of Liability and Indemnification Agreement. Awards (up to $3,000) are to be used for research items such as supplies, chemicals, and glassware, for analytical costs, and for travel directly related to research (including per diem). Funds may not be used for stipends, travel to meetings, tuition here, or the costs of taking classes elsewhere. Because budgeting is an important part of the research experience, applications must include a project budget (forms available with application packet), as well as a research proposal. Administration and record-keeping of expenditures will be handled through the Biology Accounting Office. Application forms are available from both the Undergraduate Advising and BioURP Offices, as well as online at www.biology.utah.edu. An official transcript must be attached. Both applications and (independently) a letter from the faculty mentor must be turned in to the Advising Office by the absolute deadline of Tuesday, 4 March, 2008. A decision will be forthcoming soon thereafter.


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