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Short Description: For requirements 4 and 5 you must select a piece of wood for each project. After you have selected your pieces of carving wood tell ...

Content Inside: WOOD CARVING Merit Badge Requirements 1) Give the qualities of wood that are useful for carving. Tell why you chose the wood you used in requirements 4 and 5. 2) Do the following: A) Describe five wood-carving tools. Tell their use. B) Describe several kinds of sharpening stones. Tell how they are used. C) Show how to sharpen a pocket knife and other tools used in wood carving. Use a sharpening stone and a "slipstick" that you have made. 3) Show the safety principles for using a pocketknife and woodcarving tools. 4) Plan and carve in the round a simple object. Prepare it for finish. 5) Plan and carve in low relief a design on some simple object. Prepare it for finish. Worksheet Created by: Rob Greenland 245 East 925 South Layton, Utah 84041 robgreenland@juno.com


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