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Short Description: 4 Speed FWD - A540 Series. 65000. 336. ZF5HP19FL, FLA, HL ...... Mazda G4A-EL, 4EAT-G GF4A-EL. 33000. Studebaker (DG Bandless) ...

Content Inside: Not All Parts are OE Quality; Some are Just a Little Better... AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION AUTOMA O If the OEM part is just not good enough, request Alto Original Equipment Improvement (OEITM)parts. Alto has pioneered OEITM replacement parts for over 20 years. Our innovative designs and aggressive PARTS CATALOG 2005 S EI T TM C research and development have produced more improvements and enhancements in clutch P R technology than all the competition combined. O D U POWERBANDS« POWERPACKS« PowerBands« enhance torque load and improve shift TIC TRANSMISSION P quality. They are designed wider than the original band to increase stopping capacity of up to 25%. Anchors have Beginning with the first introduction of the TH700R4 extra capacity kit, been increased in thickness Alto has been developing PowerPack« innovations for 20 years. Alto and heat treated when PowerPacks« have become the industry standard in hi-performance required to eliminate and heavy-duty applications. PowerPacks« are specially engineered premature failures. clutch packs designed with additional clutches to increase friction plate capacity. This capacity increase enables torque load to spread over more friction area, resulting in a clutch pack that can handle higher DRUMSAVERS« torque load with reduced heat generation. DrumSaversTM prevent the CASESAVERSTM replacement of expensive The spline of steel separator plates can drums by installing Alto work back and forth to permanently components that will damage the case, causing delayed Ě PARTES DE TRANSMISIONES AUTOMATICAS prevent further damage engagement and ATF metal contamina- to the existing drum, tion. Alto CaseSaversTM not only prevent Ě AUTOMATIKGETRIEBETEILE and allow the drum to this from happening again but allow reuse perform as designed. of the damaged case. Ě PI╚CES DE TRANSMISSIONS AUTOMATIQUES DrumSavers contain direct replacement parts for the OE stack-up of the damaged drum, and requires no machining. Ě P RED EAGLE EăAS PARA TRANSMISSŇES AUTOM┴TICAS « Innovations and enhancements HI-PERFORMANCE Ě make Alto the serious ALTO PRODUCTS CORP. racers' choice. Alto is ARTS 2005 the leader in Alto Products, an ISO 9002 Manufacturer, is the oldest and Hi-Performance largest independently owned manufacturer of friction discs technology with Kolene« and steel separators in the world. For 50 years, Alto has Steels, Turbulator Steels, supplied over a billion clutches specializing in product improvements and enhancement in clutch plate technology. Anti-DragTM Steels and Red Eagle« Frictions. Atmore Ě AL Ě 36504 Ě 251.368.7777 Ě Fax: 251.368.7774 Ě altoUSA.com ALTO PRODUCTS CORP. Alto Way Ě Atmore Ě AL Ě 36504 Ě USA Ě www.altousa.com Tel: 251.368.7777 Ě Fax: 251.368.7774 Ě sales@altousa.com Document OutlineTable of ContentsVehicle Index■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ What's New in 2005 CatalogTransmission Series ChartAlto Part Number CodesGlossary: English to SpanishTransmission Codes: GM, Chrysler & Toyota Tags Nos.Heavy Duty CapabilitiesDomestic TransmissionsGeneral MotorsAntiqueDynaflowBuick SpecialHydramatic Standard & Dual RangeJetaway 315Roto-Hydramatic 240 / Model 05, F85Roto-Hydramatic 375 / Model 10 Slim JimCast Iron PowerglideSuper Turbine 300PG Aluminum CaseTH200, TH200CTH200-4RTH325, TH325-4LTH250CTH350, TH350CTH425, TH4753L30 (TH180, TH180C)3T40 (TH125, TH125C)3L80 (TH400, 375)4L30E4L40E, 5L40E, 5L50E A5S390R, A5S360R4L60, 4L60E, 4L65E (TH700-R4)4L80E4T40E, 4T45E4T60 (TH440-T4)4T60E, 4T65E4T80E17R (F3A)JF403E GM / Isuzu (RT77)JR403EDoug Nash MK2, MH5MX1 (A131)MX17 (A210)Saturn AF23-5 5 Sp Jatco AW235Saturn CVTSaturn TAAT MP6. MP7AllisonAT540, 542, 543, 545, 1545, VSMT640, 643, 644 4 SpeedMT650, 653, 654 5 SpeedHT740, 747, 750, 754, V730World MD3060, 3066, 3070, 3560 B300, 400, 3000MH1000, 2000, 2400 SERIESĺFordAntiqueSmall CaseMedium CaseLarge Case2 SpeedAOD, AODE, 4R70WATXAXODAXOD-E, AX4SAX4N / 4F50NA4LD, A4LDECD4E, LA4AELC3C4, C5C6E4OD, 4R100FMXF3AG4EAT, GF4EAT4EAT-F4F20E4F27E4R44E, 4R55E, 5R44E, 5R55E5R55N, 5R55W, 5R55S5R110WCTX1, CTX2 (CVT)ChryslerAntiquePowerfliteCast Iron Torqueflite30TH, 31TH (A404, 413, 470, 670)30RH, 31RH, 32RH (TF6, A904)36RH, 37RH (TF8, A727)40RH, 42RH, 42RE, 44RE (A500)40TE, 41TE (A604)42LE (A606), 42RLE45RFE, 545RFE46RE, 46RH (A518)47RE, 47RH, 48RE (A618)AR4KM SeriesF4A33AW4ZF4HP18FLLenco RacingAsian TransmissionsAisan Warner / Borg WarnerAntiqueBW Model 3 thru 8, 11, 12 Cast IronBorg Warner 3 BandBW T35, TA, TB, TC, T37 (UK) T65, 66 (UK). BW40/51AW55 / BW55AW70, AW71, AW72 4 SpeedAW30-40, AW30-43, AW30-80AW50-40LE, AW50-41LE, AW50-42LE, LMAW55-50SNAW60-40, AW60-42LE (AF-13), AW60-40SNAW450-43LE, ISUZU RNJAisin A581 FL50, FL60, FL70 FreightlinerAsian MiniHonda2 Speed3 Speed - w/106mm Clutch4 Speed 2 Shaft w/106mm Clutch4 Speed 2 Shaft w/110mm Clutch4 Speed 2 Shaft w/116mm Clutch4 Speed 2 Shaft w/125mm Clutch4 Speed 3 Shaft w/110mm Clutch4 Speed 3 Shaft w/116mm Clutch4 Speed 3 Shaft w/120mm Clutch4 Speed 3 Shaft w/116, 120, 132mm Clutch4 & 5 Speed 3 Shaft w/120 & 123 Clutch4 Speed 3 Shaft w/123 & 128 Clutch4 Speed Acura NSX5 Speed5 Speed Acura MDX5 Speed Acura RSX5 Speed Acura TSXHonda CVTHonda CodesA24AA4RAA6VAAKAOYAAPX4APXAASB46AB4RAB6VAB7TAB7VAB7WAB7XAB7YABAXABCLABDRABGHABMXABOYABYBABZKACAF4G4K4L4L5M1WAM24AM48AM4RAM4TAM4VAM5DAM5HAM6HAM7WAM7ZAMAXAMCVAMDKAMDLAMDMAMDWAMGFAMGHAML4AMLYAMP1AMP7AMPJAMPRAMPWA (Vigor 92-94)MPWAMPXAMPYAMPZAMR9AMRMAMRVAMY8AMZKAP1PF4PL5XPX4BPY8AROS24AS4XASKWASLXASP7ASZCADaihatsuA140MX17MiniDaewoo3T40E (TH125)4T40E, 4T45E4T60EA44DLAW50-42LEMX17ZF4HP14HyundaiKM170, 171, 172, 175, 176, 177F4A33, W4A33A4AF1, A4AF2, A4BF1, A4BF3F4A41, F4A42F4A51F5AH1 5 SpeedA40IsuzuRMC - F3ARMD - A44DLRMK - JR403ERML - JF403ERMQ - 4L30ERNJ - AW450-43LEMPJA (Honda 4 Speed)MDWA (Honda 4 Speed)A40TH2004L60EInfinitiRL4F03ARE4F04ARE4R01ARE4R03ALexusA340, A341, A343A350EA540, A541A650EU140EU150EMazdaF3AF4AELFN4AELG4AEL, G4AHL, GF4AELLA4AELLJ4AELN4AEL, N4AHL, NC4AELR4AEL, RA4AEL, RB4AELA4LD, 4R44E, 4R55E5R55EMitsubishi3 Speed - KM170, KM171, KM1723 Speed - F3A21, F3A224 Speed - KM175, KM176, KM1774 Speed - F4A21, F4A22, F4A234 Speed - F4A32, F4A334 Speed - F4A33EV4 Speed - W4A32, W4A33 (AWD)4 Speed - F4A41, F4A424 Speed - F4A51, F5A51 (FWD)4 Speed - F4AC1 (A604)4 Speed - KM148, V4AW2 (2WD)4 Speed - AW372, R4AW2 (4WD)4 Speed - V4AW3-7 (A340)4 Speed - R4A51, V4A515 Speed - R5A51, V5A515 Speed - F5AH1 (RM-45)Nissan3N71B, L3N71BE4N71B, L4N71BRE4R01A, RL4R01A, JR402ERE4R03A, RG4R01A, JR403ERE5R01A, JR502ERE5R05A, G35RN3F01A, RL3F01ARE4F02A, RL4F02ARE4F03A, RE4F03VRL4F03A, RL4F03VRE4F04A, 4F20ERE5F01A, JF506ERE0F09A CVTSubaru3 Speed - M41, M41A (3AT)R4AX-EL (4AT)4 Speed - 4AT-E (98-On)CVT "Rex"Suzuki3L30 (TH180, TH180C)A44DE - 4 Speed RWD, Lockup (E)AW60-41, AW60-42MX17 (A210)SR410, SR412ToyotaAntiqueA10A20A303 Speed RWD - A40, A41, A434 Speed RWD - A40D, A42D, A43D No Lockup4 Speed RWD - A42DL, A43DL Lockup (L)4 Speed RWD - A44DL, A44DF Lockup (L)4 Speed RWD - A43DE, A44DE, A46DE Lockup (E)4 Speed RWD - A340, A341, A3434 Speed RWD - A350E4 Speed RWD - A340 Transfer Case4 Speed RWD - A440F, A442F4 Speed RWD - A650E5 Speed RWD - A750E, A750F3 Speed FWD - A55, A55F4 Speed FWD - A130 Series4 Speed FWD - A140 Series4 Speed FWD - A240 Series4 Speed FWD - A540 Series4 Speed FWD - U140E, U140F4 Speed FWD - U240E, U241E4 Speed FWD - U340E, U341E, U341F5 Speed FWD - U151E, U151FEuropean TransmissionsMercedes722.0, 722.1, 722.2, (4 Bolt)722.3 (6 Bolt)722.4 (BABY 6 Bolt)722.5 5 Speed w/Overdrive722.6 5 Speed w/Overdrive722.7 4 Speed w/OverdriveAPI, II, IIIERenaultMB101 / ML1, MJ3, MJ54139 / ML1 - FWD4141 Delorean, Alpine Zimmer Motor HomeAR4, AD4, AD8AL4, DPO, STA Citroen, PeugeotVolkswagen3 Speed - 0033 Speed - 010, 087, 089, 0904 Speed - 095, 096, 097, 098 (AG4)4 Speed - 01M, 01N, 01P4 Speed - 01K (ZF4HP18FLE - 2WD)4 Speed - 01F (ZF4HP18FLA - 4WD)5 Speed - 01V (ZF5HP19)5 Speed - 01L (ZF5HP24)CVTJF404EJF506E, 5F31J, RE5F01AVolvoBW35AW55, BW55AW70, AW71, AW72ZF4HP224T65EAW50-40 SeriesAW55/50SNAW60-41 Series■ ZF3HP12, ZF3HP20ZF3HP22 - RWDZF4HP14 - FWDZF4HP18Q - FWDZF4HP18FL, FLA, FLEZF4HP20ZF4HP22 - RWDZF4HP24, ZF4HP24A - RWDZF5HP18 A5S 360ZF5HP19 (BMW), ZF5HP19FL, FLA, ZF5HP19HL (Porsche)ZF5HP24 (BMW / Jaguar), ZF5HP24AZF5HP30 A5S 560Ecomat 4HP500, 5HP500Ecomat 4HP590. 5HP590Ecomat 4HP600, 5HP600, 6HP600CVT MiniCVTSaturn CVTFord CTX1, CTX2 (CVT)Honda CVTNissan RE0F09A CVTSubaru "Rex" CVTVolkswagen/Audi CVTZF Mini CVTAntiqueGM DynaflowGM Buick SpecialGM Hydramatic Standard & Dual RangeGM Jetaway 315GM Roto-Hydramatic 240 (Model 05, F85)GM Roto-Hydramatic 375 (Model 10, Slim Jim)GM Cast Iron PowerglideGM Super Turbine 300Ford Small, Medium, Large CaseFord 2 SpeedChrysler PowerfliteChrysler Case Iron TorquefliteBorg Warner Models 3 thru 12Borg Warner 3 BandHonda 2 SpeedToyota A10Toyota A20Toyota A30Volkswagen 003ZF3HP12, ZF3HP20Transfer Case ClutchesMiscellaneous TransmissionsBTR 81/91/95LE, BTR 74/93/97LEAPI, APII, APIIIE European ModelsAsian Mini CarsDaihatsu Mini CarsLenco RacingVoithDifferential ClutchesHardware / BoltsLubegard«


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