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Short Description: Graphic Design is one of the most important tools of Visual ... In The World of Graphic Design you will learn to use the principles of visual communication ...

Content Inside: 2006 FALL SEMESTERAlberto Cairo Assistant professor59 Carroll Hall79 Carroll HallTuesdays and Thursdays(919) 843584101.00 - 02.50 p.m.cairo@email.unc.eduwww.albertocairo.comOffice HoursTuesdays and Thursdays, 9-10 a.m. and by appointmentJOMC185 - Section 002The World of Graphic DesignPrinciples and practices of visual information presentationGraphic Design is one of the most important tools of Visual Communication. `Design' means that the graphics are organized according to a `plan'. The goal of which is to bring order, hierarchy and clearness to the natural chaos.The World of Graphic Design is intended to give you the basics for becoming a successful visual comunicator, whether you wish to master page layout techniques, the creation of eye-catching posters, brochures or packages or to be aware of the complex world of informational graphics.1243


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