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Short Description: HOW TO WRITE REFERENCES. 1- REFERENCE WRITING IN THE TEXT. If you have. 1 author: Cuzack, 1999. 2 authors Cuzack and Mallory, 1999 ...

Content Inside: HOW TO WRITE REFERENCES 1- REFERENCE WRITING IN THE TEXT If you have 1 author: Cuzack, 1999 2 authors Cuzack and Mallory, 1999 more than 2: Cuzack et al., 1999 2- REFERENCE WRITING FOR THE REFERENCE SECTION (at end) a) Article Abello PA, Fidler SA, Bulkley GB, Buchman TG. Anti-oxidants modulate induction of programmed endothelial cell death (apoptosis) by LPS. Arch. Surg., 129: 134-140, 1994. Authors Title of article Journal Volume: 1st page- last page, year b) Book Carsons Y Circulatory System in 'Basic Histology' 2nd edition.( Junqueira I, Carniers J, Contopoulos A. editors) Long Publications, Los Altos, California. pp 209, 210- 2115, 1975. Authors Title of chapter in name of book edition editors- publishing company pages included from that book, year c) Document on world wide Web Zeeger P. 1996 (Online accessed 12 Feb 2006) URL: http://www.flinders.edu.au/CAS/PeterZeegers.html. Put references in alphabetic order. If you have the same author mentioned in different publications put Single author first: 1 author: Cuzack M more than 1 author : Cuzack M, Carniers J, Cuzack M, Fidler SA, Bulkley GB, Buchman TG Use second author for alphabetic precedence C of Carniers before F of Fidler


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