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How to Create a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Source: www.egr.msu.edu
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Short Description: There are several basic steps involved in producing a printed circuit board (PCB ). Most designs begin with a hand drawn schematic and design plan. ...

Content Inside: How to Create a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering Michigan State University Prepared by: John Kelley Revision: 4/06/00 Executive Summary This application note outlines a process through which printed circuit boards (PCBs) may be produced using the PCB design and fabrication tools available in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at Michigan State University. This document describes the PCB production process in general and also presents a case study. Table of Contents Section 1. Overview 2. Prototyping 3. Schematic Capture 4. Physical Layout 5. Physical Creation of PCB 6. Lessons Learned and Recommendations 7. Appendix Page 2 3 3 4 7 7 8 1 an_pcb_04


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