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Short Description: Invertebrate Zoology. Dr. Jonathan Fingerut. Rm 221 Science Center 610-660-1830 jfingeru@sju.edu. Office hours: Wednesday 9-10am, Thursday 2-4pm ...

Content Inside: Invertebrate Zoology Dr. Jonathan Fingerut Rm 221 Science Center 610-660-1830 jfingeru@sju.edu Office hours: Wednesday 9-10am, Thursday 2-4pm Lecture: T & Th 10-10:50 am Rm 101 Science Center Laboratory: Fri 1-5pm Rm 207 Science Center Course Description: Students in this course will examine the morphology, physiology, behavior, and phylogenetic relationships of the major groups of invertebrates. In the first half of the course, students will be introduced to the defining characteristics of the major groups of invertebrates. In the second half students will learn how the organisms presented earlier interact with their environment and each other to form important ecological systems. The laboratory will include observations and experiments on live and preserved animals, a field trip, and an independent experimental research project. Learning Objectives: By the end of the course students will be able to: Define, explain, and use terms and concepts that describe the diversity of invertebrate bodyplans Compare and contrast major animal groups with respect to skeletons, muscles & movement, nervous systems, growth, feeding, gas exchange, excretion, water balance, defense, and reproduction Identify the physical and chemical challenges of specific habitats and describe adaptations to those challenges Text: Barnes, Callow, Olive, Golding and Spicer. The Invertebrates: A Synthesis Blackwell Science 2001 Supplementary readings will also be assigned. Academic Honesty Policy: Participation in this course requires that you honor the Saint Joseph's University honesty policy. Please read the 2006-2007 University Catalog for more information. Any acts of


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