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Short Description: assessment of social status by examining the distinctive peer groups that exist within ...... being accepted or rejected by the class as a whole. ...

Content Inside: ABSTRACT ANDREASSI, CRISTINA LYNNE. Social Cognition as a Mediator in the Relationship Between Disability Status and Social Status. (Under the direction of Ann Schulte) This study examined the relationship between social-cognitive ability and social status in children with and without learning disabilities. Social cognitive mapping was used to determine children's centrality in the social network in their classroom and accuracy in reporting peer social networks. It was predicted that social cognition, as assessed through the accuracy measure, would mediate differences in social status, as assessed through social network centrality. Although children with learning disabilities had lower social network centrality, they did not differ from children without learning disabilities in terms of accuracy in reporting social networks in the classroom. Therefore, the mediation model was not supported. However, greater accuracy in reporting peer networks was predictive of greater peer involvement across both groups of children. Results are discussed in terms of implications for improving children's social functioning and future research on the topics of the social functioning and social cognition of children with learning disabilities. Document OutlineSocial Functioning in Children with Learning Disabilities


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