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Short Description: May 13, 2009 ... SMALL BUSINESS WEEK 2008/2009. TERMS OF REFERENCE. Sol Plaatje municipality hereby invites quotations for the Facilitation and Project ...

Content Inside: ________________________________________ SOL PLAATJE MUNICIPALITY Directorate: SEDP Section: LED/SMME SUPPORT UNIT Contact person: Sobuza Mathebula, telephone 053 830 6474 _________________________________________________________ Date: 13 MAY 2009 Your Reference No. _____________________________ IF REGISTERED ON SOL PLAATJE'S CREDITORS DATA BASE, PLEASE ATTACH COPY OF PROOF OF REGISTRATION Q052/09 - SMALL BUSINESS WEEK 2008/2009 FACILITATION OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP LECTURER SERIES REGARDING THE ENTREPRENEURSHIP PROCESS INVITATION FOR QUOTATIONS FOR ORDERS ABOVE R30 000 BUT LESS THAN R200 000 ALL QUOTATIONS MUST BE SUBMITTED WITH A COMPLETED PREFERENCE POINT SYSTEM PROCUREMENT CERTIFICATE ANY QUOTE WILL NOT NECESSARILY BE ACCEPTED AND THE COUNCIL RESERVES THE RIGHT TO ACCEPT THE WHOLE OR ANY PART OF ANY QUOTE QUOTATIONS SUBMITTED BY NON REGISTERED (DATA BASE) PROVIDERS WILL ONLY BE CONSIDERED IF A VALID ORIGINAL TAX CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE FROM SARS IS SUBMITTED WITH THIS QUOTATION (FOR AMOUNTS ABOVE R15000.00) Description Quantity Price Total price Inclusive of vat Inclusive of vat SMALL BUSINESS WEEK 2008/2009 1 TERMS OF REFERENCE Sol Plaatje municipality hereby invites quotations for the Facilitation and Project management of the Small business week 2008/2009. the service provider will have to carry out the following and other related tasks a. Facilitate and project management b. all logistical aspects of the event c. develop a project plan d. conduct regular meetings and update the SPM management team e. arrange venue & décor of branding f. propose and arrange presenters g. develop and send invitations h. design and develop workbooks for


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