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Short Description: Jul 31, 2008 ... The VIP FDS Stock Trading Module works in real time to help detect and prevent identity theft and transaction fraud. ...

Content Inside: data sheet VeriSign Identity Protection (VIP) key beneFITS Fraud Detection Service Faster Results Real-time analysis and detection Stock Trading Module of potentially fraudulent trades enables shortened detection, intervention and recovery times + Overview for better consumer protection. VeriSign Identity Protection (VIP) is a comprehensive suite of identity protection and authentication services designed to strengthen and protect consumer's digital identities. VIP Customer Friendly includes a combination of both on-premise and hosted components that can be accessed No adverse effect in user experience enables customers through standard network protocols for easy integration into existing Internet applications. to trade with confidence while It enables both invisible, risk-based authentication through the VIP Fraud Detection Service taking advantage of the ease and (FDS) and the more visible, strong authentication through the VIP Authentication Service. versatility of online trading. The VIP FDS Stock Trading Module works in real time to help detect and prevent Reliable Protection identity theft and transaction fraud. It includes both a rules-based engine and a Helps prevent online brokerages behavioral engine. Using rules and pattern recognition technology, the service is able and trading firms from potentially to flag potentially fraudulent activities based on known and unknown types of fraud huge losses while enhancing trust with their customers. and behaviors not associated with the user. The service is designed to be simple and unobtrusive for both Web administrators and users. If the system detects a suspicious transaction, users can quickly confirm their identities using an automated system. This automated system may query the user to identify themselves further with any of the following types of credentials: a one-time password, a unique question-and-answer, email, SMS, an automated call or a customer service call. + VIP FDS Stock Trading Module With the increasing global use of online trading by consumers, online brokerages have a pressing need to protect themselves from fraud such as "Pump and Dump" scams. Pump and Dump scams are typically caused by fraudsters buying large quantities of penny stocks first from their own account and then from compromised or hijacked accounts. Typical penny stocks involved in such scams are low priced with high price volatility, low trade volume, low market cap stocks, etc. The sudden increase in the stock volume causes an artificial increase in the stock price. The fraudsters then sell their own shares of the stock to make a sizable gain. Pump and Dump scams typically take only a short time to execute. Once executed, the losses range from a few hundred thousand to millions of dollars. In addition, when the losses become public, this damages the reputation of the brokerages involved.


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