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Short Description: he ancient wisdom of Feng Shui applied to your workspace can .... The earliest forms of Feng Shui combined figuring out auspicious ...

Content Inside: d519875 Ch01.qxd 5/23/03 9:02 AM Page 7 Chapter 1 Figuring Out Feng Shui In This Chapter Walking the balance beam with Feng Shui Going over a few good schools of Feng Shui Figuring out the basics Putting it all together Using your intentions positively The ancient wisdom of Feng Shui applied to your workspace can make you feel more comfortable during working hours. It can help you get along with that difficult and challenging co-worker, make you more productive and efficient at your work-related tasks, and can even help you play well with others. Not a bad day's work for what's basically a design philosophy! Getting along Famously: Balance and Harmony Feng Shui literally means wind and water, referring to the two uni- versal forces necessary for life. These universal elements are con- nected to chi, which is life energy or life force. Wind and water carry this life energy throughout the world. Feng Shui shows you how to harness this life energy to enrich your environment and create balance in your life. See the section, "Flowing Like Chi" later in the chapter for more information on chi. Chapter 2 talks about chi at length. Feng Shui, a classic Chinese philosophy of design, is something between an art and a science. It brings balance, blessings, and abundance to a space through harmonious placement and use of appropriate design elements.


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