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Short Description: LETTER OF RESIGNATION. TODAY'S DATE:. TO:. (Immediate Supervisor's Name) ... Sincerely,. (Updated Aug.'04). E:ExcelFormsPayrollResignation letter.xls.

Content Inside: LETTER OF RESIGNATION TODAY'S DATE: TO: (Immediate Supervisor's Name) I, hereby resign my position as, (Name) at Washington University (Job Title) Department of Biology, effective . (Last day you will work) My reason(s) for leaving is(are): To begin a new job elsewhere Transferring to another WU department (indicate new dept.) Moving out of the area Returning to school Spouse transferring to new job Personal reasons Dissatisfied with pay, hours, or type of work Retirement Planning to marry Family business Personal illness To take time off Other, please explain (Use additional sheets if necessary) Forwarding address for final paycheck & future correspondence: Biology Office Use Only: WU Property Retrieval/Notifications DATE Keys Returned I.D. Card Returned Parking Permit Returned Address Updated Notified Biol. Office Sincerely, (Updated Aug.'04) E:\Excel\Forms\Payroll\Resignation letter.xls


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