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Short Description: Feng Shui, our personal energy is given a boost and we put ourselves in a position to ... Gratitude Journal ’“ to record every single day the things in our ...

Content Inside: Written by Debra Ford,Author of In the Feng Shui ZoneFENG SHUI NEWSPublished by Feng Shui Market & PublishingVolume 2, Issue 4April, 2006A Gratitude PlanSpring is the time for new beginnings and a great time to think about making positive changes to our personal energy. When the energy in our environment is balanced and the energy of our home has been balanced using the tools and techniques of Feng Shui, our personal energy is given a boost and we put ourselves in a position to live the life we were meant to have. What we are striving for is a balance of all three energies One of our biggest failings as human beings is that we focusmental energy, physical energy and spiritual energy. Mentalon what is missing in our lives instead of putting our focus onenergy is boosted by having clear intention, physical energy isall the great stuff we have manifested AND intend to manifest.balanced with Feng Shui and spiritual energy combines faithThe irony of this is that negative thoughts create negativeand belief. This spring let's change our mental energy andenergy; and this negative energy creates more negativeboost our spiritual energy with a Gratitude Plan.circumstances in our lives. The more we focus on what ismissing in our lives, the more we create that reality. WeIf we focus on what we have, rather than what we lack in ouractually create the circumstances that we are living. If we canlife, and if we express our gratitude, we will attract and makechange the energy vibration from negative to positive bymanifest exactly what it is we want. The more we express ourfocusing on what we intend to have (not on what is missing),gratitude for all the things in our life; the more powerful is ourwe can actually change the outcome of our life.ability to attract and manifest what we desire.It is believed that expressing gratitude is the key to attracting allWhat we know for sure is that every thought has energy andof life's good things including abundance and prosperity. It isthat energy is positive or negative, never neutral. Negativebelieved that all the other principles that can transform your lifethoughts have negative energy and affect our personal energywill not flourish and blossom without gratitude. The more youin a negative way. Positive thoughts have positive energy andhave and are grateful for, the more will be given to you.affect our personal energy in a very positive way. Expressinggratitude allows us to focus on the positive things that we haveOur tool for creating this energy shift to gratitude is to start ain our life, not the negative things, not what's missing.Gratitude Journal to record every single day the things in ourExpressing gratitude is a very strong tool that allows us tolife for which we should be grateful. To be grateful for whatchange our thoughts from negative to positive. If one of thewe have and to be grateful for what we are attracting; toUniversal laws is that we get back from life what we put out;acknowledge others for simply being in our lives our partner,then expressing gratitude will create an energy vibration thatour children, our friends and our co-workers; to stop taking thewill attract more things into our life to be grateful for; more ofsmall things in life for granted; and to change our personalthe good things.energy vibration to one that is completely positive.Instead of focusing on the negative things that we thinkGratitude Plan:about ourselves, let's change that energy by finding things about ourselves that we are grateful for. We can change that1. Start a Gratitude Journal today.energy vibration by finding things about ourselves that we2. Every day write down what you are grateful for.are grateful for. For example, I am grateful for the fact that I live in Calgary at this exciting time in the City's develop-3. Each time you start journaling, read what you wrote thement; rather than focusing on the traffic congestion createdday before to re-focus your energy.by the growth.4. When thinking about what you are grateful for on aparticular day keep the energy balanced by focusing onAn expression of gratitude for the small things that others doall the Feng Shui zones. What are you grateful for in yourto make our lives more pleasant will change our personalProsperity Zone? What abundance are you grateful forenergy by changing our focus from finding fault with otherstoday or what abundance are you grateful that you willand thinking negatively about them, to one that is positive.manifest tomorrow?This week, I am especially grateful for the excellent job thatour garbage collection guys do for us each week. (MyThis past Christmas, the gift for which I was most grateful,perpetual de-cluttering has put a real strain on them these pastwas a list that my husband John had made during the previousfew weeks.)few months of the things about me for which he was grateful..


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